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Jacadi and French perfumer Berdoues have combined their expertise to translate the core values ??of the brand into the world of perfume. Each fragrance corresponds to a moment in the life of a child. Toddlers, 0 to 2 years, discover their olfactory senses with scented water; Toute Petite Jacadi and Tout Petit Jacadi are fresh, natural and without alcohol. Older children ages 3 to 7 years state their preference with more vivid scents: Eau de Toilette Jacadi Fille and Jacadi Garçon. And finally, girls of 7 years and up have a sparkling and elegant fragrance, Eau de Toilette Mademoiselle Jacadi.

Les tout-petits

Tout-Petit Jacadi (for boys) and Toute-Petite Jacadi (for girls) stimulate their senses with alcohol-free floral notes.

Jacadi Garçon

A subtle, musky scent with citrus and floral topnotes suits young, adventurous boys.

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